Premium Horse Bedding Pellets

Wood Pellets are a sensible solution to horse bedding. Activated with water, they swell to 3 times their original weight to deliver a comfortable and absorbent bed for horses.

Healthier for your horse, you and your stables. It’s 100% organic. The high temperatures it is exposed to during process also means it is free from any contaminants or bacteria that can hide away in other products.

A bigger-picture benefit is that pine pellet horse bedding is environmentally friendly, with all wood sourced from responsibly managed and sustainable forestry. It is completely 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Our Premium pellets are 100% bark free, meaning they are made from 100% pure soft wood.  As a result the pellets are more absorbent, giving a great fluffy texture, smell great and look fantastic.

Why Should I use wood Pellets for animal bedding?

  • Animal bedding pellets are up 60% more absorbent than wood shavings.
  • Rapid absorption saves time and money
  • Reduces mucking out time which reduces labour costs
  • Reduces muck heap by up to 4 times
  • Designed for horses: 100% bark free and 100% soft wood species
  • High quality and great smelling
  • Waste pellets break down quickly in the muck heap making them environmentally friendly
  • 100% Sterile – No Bacteria, Contaminants due to production process
  • White wood pellets, coming from the higher quality interior of the tree
  • Double dust extracted

How do I use Animal bedding pellets?

  1. Strip stall of all old bedding and clean floor or mat. Bring bags of pellets to stall: If using rubber matting use 4 bags to begin, or if no matting use 6-7 bags to begin.
  2. Lay pellet bags on the floor and cut a large ‘X’ slice in bag. Add approx. 1-1.5 gallons (4.5 – 7 Litres) of water into bag / covering the pellet surfaces throughout bag (or spread pellets on floor and spray)
  3. Let bags sit for about 10 minutes or until “fluffed” and expanding out of the bag.
  4. Cut the bags completely and spill expanded pellet mixture on floor. Spread the bedding evenly with an average depth of 10cm to 12cm. If fibre appears a bit damp don’t worry—it will dry shortly. If you have added too much water, simply add some whole pellets and mix in. There should still be some pellets in whole form at this point.
  5. The wood pellet bedding should last an average of 2-3 months, provided the maintenance (below) is followed correctly.

Maintaining the Wood Pellet bedding

  1. Pick stall at least daily. Scrape the dry surface to find your wet spots (might be multiple in each stall)
  2. Remove the “pancaked” wet spot thoroughly. If you use a liquid odour controller, this is the time to spray your mat.
  3. Cover the exposed floor with dry bedding pulled in from the edges and corners of the stall.
  4. Sift the manure (this is incredibly easy) and dispose of. You should see urine soaked bedding and manure only in the wheel barrel / muck bucket.
  5. As the volume in the stall starts to diminish(typically about 1 week) Add a 1/2 or full bag. You do not need to soften supplemental pellets with water.